Welcome to ARC

ARC XVI Fort Washington, Inc., established in 1970 and incorporated in 1973, is a not-for-profit agency dedicated to improving the quality of life of older adults. ARC XVI Fort Washington provides direct services and linkages to community resources to enhance the lives of the older residents in the communities we serve. Our programs and services are quite extensive and we offer a wide range of activities that serve over 3,000 adults directly and reaches another 10,000 people indirectly each year. Please explore our website and get a sense of what we have to offer. We welcome your input and look forward to seeing you at our center or at special events!

Our Mission

The mission of ARC XVI Fort Washington, Inc. is to enable older people to remain in the community and live with dignity, self sufficiency and a sense of well-being. In order to accomplish this mission, ARC XVI Fort Washington promotes the integration of the well and the disabled elderly and to offset the physical limitation of the handicapped and frail with needed preventative and restorative services.

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