About Us

Established in 1973

ARC’s diverse range of services for the community, consistently considered the most innovative and high quality in the City, make ARC an asset to Northern Manhattan, and a model for other programs throughout the City and the United States.

ARC (Action for the Retired Community) began as one of three sites for a broader information and referral program. ARC XVI Fort Washington, Inc. was one of two new sponsors of services for seniors developed by community members, community organizers, and volunteers from the information and referral program. 

Our first programs began in 1973. Initially funded by the NYC Human Resources Administration, these programs are today funded through the NYC Department for the Aging. In 1980, we added social services, and in 1988 we expanded the adult day and transportation services community-wide, with funds provided by the NYS Community Services for the Elderly and the Community Development Agency. 

Since our founding, we have expanded to add services throughout Harlem. In 2013, ARC began sponsoring the ARC XVI Central Harlem Senior Center. We further expanded in 2016 and began sponsoring the ARC XVI. A Philip Randolph Senior Center.

We now run three senior centers across Upper Manhattan. ARC is committed to ensuring that these centers and services are welcoming, safe, and inclusive. This means we do not exclude participation in or deny services on the basis of race, color, disability, or national origin as protected by Title VI and ADA. You can read more about our plan here


To support older people to remain in the community and live with dignity, self-sufficiency, and a sense of well-being.

Our Name

Our name comes from the Action for the Retired Community slogan; the 16 from the title of the Social Security Act, which approved the development of senior centers; and the Fort Washington from our first location at the Fort Washington Presbyterian Church.